Anti-Vaxxers Now Have More Fuel to Their Movement

Just a few generations ago, people lived under the constant threat of deadly infectious diseases, like smallpox, polio, and hepatitis. Today, vaccines help save millions and millions of lives.

The scientific community continues to work on new vaccines, for example, a vaccine for HIV, malaria, and even a cancer vaccine is in early stages of development. While science has contributed to fight disease and save lives, anti-vaxxers still continue to fight their case.

Anti-vaxxers now have more fuel to their movement.

A court’s vaccine ruling is being criticized and rightfully so

Vaccines Can Be Blamed

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This week, the highest European Union Court ruled that vaccines can be blamed for illnesses even when there is no scientific proof.

The decision was issued in relation to the case of a Frenchman known as Mr. J.W., who was immunized against hepatitis B in late 1998-99. About a year later, the man was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He and his family sued the manufacturer, Sanofi Pasteur for damages, claiming that the vaccine was the cause of his illness. The man died in 2011.

France’s Court of Appeal ruled there was no causal link between the hepatitis B vaccine and multiple sclerosis, and dismissed the case. Numerous studies have found no relationship between the hepatitis B shot and multiple sclerosis.

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