6 Strangest Cleansing Diets That People Swear Actually Work

Every summer, I always vow to lost at least 5-7 pounds before bikini season starts. By choosing an odd number, I believe that I’ll actually be losing more pounds than I need. I diet by cutting carbs, eliminating sweets, and hitting the treadmill every night after dinner. And for the most part it works until I slip and order a huge burrito from Chipotle and a peppermint chocolate gelato just to regret it all. But still, that has never stopped me from dreaming of fitting into my pre-baby shorts at the beach (hey, mama!).

But let’s be honest: there’s no “crazy magic” diet or cleanse that will get you to a healthy place. I’m always wary of any fad diet where you have to buy a certain supplement and have to invest in a pyramid type scheme.

Dieting is also a painfully slow process. You want to stay as far away from diet fads and cleanses because let’s face it, they simply don’t work the way they say they do.

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Here are the strangest cleanse ideas that people say really so work!

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