9 Biggest Parenting Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Marriage

Just like many couples, when my husband and I first tied the knot, we were in marital bliss. We did al of the wonderful things that newlywed couples usually end up doing together including romantic date nights, last-minute weekend getaways, and (my favorite part) getting to sleep in our stress-free environment. In other words, we enjoyed every second that we had with each other, no matter how boring or mundane they were.

Fast forward 15 years, two kids, one dog and several (deceased) fish later, and some days I don’t even recognize who my husband is. I mean, I know I married him but he definitely isn’t the same guy he was the day I first met him. And I’m sure he could say the same about me.

The way you raise your children, and parent for that matter, has a profound affect on your marriage. You are pulling in one direction while your spouse is pulling in another, with your children stuck in the middle.

Here are 9 parenting mistakes that are potentially ruining your marriage

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