9 Things Other Parents Forget to Tell You About Potty Training

Despite all the articles on toilet training in popular media, very few scientific studies have addressed the issue of how best to potty train a child. But then again let’s be realistic here: for some children it might only take two to three days to potty train a child while for others, two or three months! There’s no direct method that works for each and every child and I’m sure every parent on this planet can tell you this (except for your mother-in-law. I’m sure she knows best because she potty trained your spouse right before he even learned how to walk).

And as frustrating as potty training may sometimes feel, there’s no reason to give up on it or start all over. As a parent, you are your child’s biggest cheerleader. With my first born, I too, remember thinking that it was something that would never happen and that we would end up going to Kindergarten in our diapers. But with plenty of persistence, motivation and several handfuls of M&M’s we did it. And the feeling of accomplishment was just as exciting for me as it was for her.

potty training
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Here are 9 things other parents forget to tell you about potty training!

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