Starburst Is Answering Candy Wishes by Releasing Packs of Your Favorite Flavor

Candy Crush

starburst all pink packs
Credit: Wrigley

Montei admits that the all pink product is simply giving the people what they ask for.

“From memes about relationships to sharing photos of excitement when getting a pink Starburst, over half of all references to Starburst on social media are about pink Starburst. So we knew it was time to give our fans more pink Starburst than ever before.”

The new all pink Starburst will come in the individual size for $0.99, while a larger bag will retail for $3.19.

I have a feeling I know what a lot of people are getting in their Easter baskets this year!

Personally, I’ve always been partial to the orange Starburst, but I will definitely be picking up some of the all pink packs for my kids. What about you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to SHARE this post with your friends!

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