Traveling to London With A Side Of Downton Abbey ZING…

Traveling to London with a side of Downton Abbey ZING… Disclosure: Amy Tara Koch while on assignment for HAVE FAMILY, WILL TRAVEL a Four Seasons blog was partially comped for visit to the UK.

In my 20s, I spent a glorious post-graduate year in London, England. Despite my student budget, I managed to become a standout culture vulture: Sophisticated afternoon teas. Aristo-flecked art openings. Pub crawls. And free concertos at landmark churches. It was easy to fall in love with the grunge and glam of this illustrious city. “I’ll be back!” I breezily promised friends. Then, life took over. I blinked and 20 years had evaporated since I trekked up to my 5th floor walk up in Regent’s Park

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