These Are the 6 Worst Diet Fads That Should Be Avoided

Every year I always end up doing the same thing: I overeat during Thanksgiving and Christmas and then panic when I can’t fit into my favorite pair of skinny jeans on New Year’s Day. The same happens during our summer break: I indulge in every sinful plate known to man: calorific chocolate brownie sundaes, my favorite crab cake sandwiches, friend onion rings, french fries dipped in mayonnaise (don’t judge) and so much more.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do my best to try and stay healthy on a regular basis. But sometimes a woman just has to eat! Plus, lettuce with a side of air just doesn’t taste good,  mamas. With that being said though, a lot of us tend to test fad diets for quick-fix diet tricks after we’ve gone off the deep end. And while some might give you the temporary results you are looking for, they’ve don’t always work. I mean, raise your hand if you can eat chicken broth soup three times a day for the rest of your life (I didn’t think so!).

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Here are the 6 worst diet fads that you should avoid!

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